Doreen Kleinschmidt


Doreen Kleinschmidt offers Svaroopa® Yoga, Massage/Reiki/Sound Healing and Esthetics, with GM Collin Skincare. Svaroopa Yoga is a dramatically different style of hatha yoga which releasse deep tension through the major muscles that are responsible for stress and tensions. Svaroopa is a Sanskrit word describing the state we experience when tension is relieved, and the mind becomes quiet, the "bliss of our own true self."
Svaroopa Yoga, is a higly unique and engaging form of hatha yoga, though non-athletic in its orientation and non-competitve in its demeanor, it teaches us how to use our bodies in yoga poses to access deep internal openings and the release of deeply embedded muscular tension. Our Svaroopa yoga practice, eliminate physical tightness, and mental stress with it. It is not by accident that Svaroopa is often called "bliss yoga."
Yoga means "union" and this union is a measure of our totality of self and our interrelations with everyone and everything else.

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