Which is the right yoga practice for me?

Which is the right yoga practice for me?

Maybe you start with the closest place. A studio around the block. You find it inspiring, beautiful, challenging, and rewarding. Just like that. The practice deepens and enriches the rest of your vigorous life, and you pass gently into the next plane of existence, raising the corners of your mouth to complete the posture.
Or you find yourself in a roomful of people who have ventured very far out on a more obscure limb of yoga, with a day of powerful pranayama breathing techniques and chanting to reinforce their bhakti relationship with a traditional guru – and this is the sandal-kissing moment. And something deep inside you says, the moment you walk in the door, that it’s OK if you don’t do this in your current lifetime! more about feet

Just like there are many different ways to practice yoga,
people have lots of different reasons for coming to yoga.

TKV Desikachar, a great Indian yoga teacher, says:
“The starting point is never the teacher’s needs but those of the student. This requires many different approaches; there is not just one approach for everybody. it is not that the person needs to accommodate him- or herself to yoga, but rather the yoga practice must be tailored to fit each person.”
– TKV Desikachar, from “The Heart of Yoga”.

So before you decide which class is right for you, you might ask yourself: why do you want to practice yoga?

Chances are, it’s because of something or someone you love!
For some people, it is love of dance:
for greater strength, flexibility, balance, concentration…
It could be love of hockey, to get an edge; or to complement almost any sport: in-line skating, golf, running…
or maybe you’re calling back your glory days as a wrestler, a long time ago when you were 17.

If you respond to “none of the above”, perhaps you just need to give your body enough exercise to remain healthy, and get your mind in touch with it again.

Or you may come to yoga to get back to health. Recovering from an operation, for example. Complementing regular medical care, yoga practice has well-demonstrated therapeutic benefits (along with occasional hyperbolic claims to sort through).

You may be stressed out, and definitely needing to relax.

You may feel a need to be a more loveable person: physically, emotionally…

Maybe you’re trying to deal with an addiction: counter its effects; displace it with something better.

You may be on a spiritual quest — and ready for, not another religion, but a science of spiritual development.

You may be pregnant, and seeking prenatal yoga classes, or have given birth, and ready for postnatal classes, preferably with baby…(where in Montreal?) And chances are, whatever you are looking for, you find more than you planned on.

Coming in to relax, some gain firmer character.
Seeking love, they rise into it instead of falling.
Competing fiercely to advance in their practice,
Or to show off for the hotties,
some arrive at therapeutic yoga classes.

Yoga is like a huge buffet, so many forms and systems.

This website and its directory of yoga classes in Montreal began as a personal quest to take many different classes, to experience them, enjoy them, compare them compassionately, praise them, dish them, understand them better.

“…it is important, for us as well as for future generations, to save the greatest variety of poses possible so that they do not die of neglect. Each pose sheds a different light on the beauty of the body and its infinite possibilities, and is therefore vital to the whole. Each asana is an expression of a certain insight or understanding; a certain part of the intelligence of the body reveals itself in each movement, in each pose, therefore they are precious.”

– Dona Holleman, “Dancing the Body of Light – The Future of Yoga”

This website is a service to the yoga community. Information on teachers and studios in the Montreal region can be found on the Yogamontreal directory page.