Inversions 101: Turn Things Upside-Down

Event Description

We have all had those moments where the world flips upside-down. Sometimes the change in perspective is invited, sometimes it is frightening, and sometimes it is quite exhilarating. Yoga poses that are inverted—such as headstand, forearm stand, and handstand—mirror those moments in life that are totally flipped around. So, why not dive in? Life will inevitably invert at some point; we might as well get accustomed to it and enjoy the ride.
This workshop will include preparatory poses for inversions, including shapes that lengthen and strengthen the wrists, upper body, spine, and hamstrings. We will also explore mental and physical strategies that assist in inverted postures. This workshop will be catered to individuals who are fairly new to inversions, but practitioners interested in hearing introductory techniques and teaching approaches to inversions are more than welcome to join!
Pricing: $30

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