From pregnancy to the late teenage years, the path of yoga has specialized practices for parents and children -- that set the conditions for children to grow with healthy bodies, minds and spirits. Prenatal yoga classes prepare expectant mothers for childbirth, and help them deal with More
Christine Anderson, a much-loved yoga teacher at Ashtanga Yoga Montreal, sends this report from Costa Rica, where she now works at the Rainsong animal sanctuary. Greetings from Paradise!!! Finally, I am here at Rainsong and am mostly settled... taking inventory of how your donation has been used More
In 2008, Lindsay Schonfelder organized the "Spring Day of Yoga" to help her with a Habitat for Humanity project in Tajikistan. Here is a note from Lindsay about the project, and some photos. Hey yoga people!. I hope you're all enjoying the holiday season with your loved More
Montreal yogini Emily Finkelstein offers a gustatory appreciation of her favourite yoga studio. I often find myself in downward facing dog. It’s arguably the most commonly frequented Yoga posture on this side of the Meridian. Most of us Yogis have mastered D-dog as well its alter More
Montreal Yoga Teachers Cultivate Inner Consciousness for Outer Action How You Can Be Part of It This post celebrates three Montreal yoga teachers who feel that the job description goes far beyond the yoga mat and the inner world, to action in the outer world on environmental More
The Montreal yoga community marked September 21, the United Nations International Day of Peace, with dance, salutations to the sun, drumming and dignitary speeches At Studio Breathe, the Peace Day events started Saturday night, with Peace Yoga Mala, 108 salutations to the sun to support Trees More
How do you learn what is happening to the body during yoga postures? In recent years a flurry of new books has come out to help yoga teachers and students understand and visualize the dynamics and effects of each yoga posture. Perhaps the clearest and More
Too many names of god, Cosmologies divergent! Still, in this thing convergent: I Say it’s so. Too many names and tales! Enough to say I am. And be convincing. The universe So vast to know No certainty is true It's ours to sail across the sea of stars to know it better It's ours to peel our selves away Till I am is enough And More
Wherein your fearless webmaster chases logic into swampy waters, searching for new answers to a suddenly more pertinent question. “--- , Otherwise, it’s just gym” is a phrase heard too often in the mouths of yoga teachers. Presumably yoga class is higher and better than the More
At the Lotus Palm School in Montreal: This is the borderland between yoga and massage, meditation and dance. A school respectful to a Thai lineage and its wisdom, now well adapted to North America, and growing rapidly in popularity as a massage technique. We worked, in a rotation More
Many say it's important to stick with the path you are on. Or like digging a well, you don't get down to the water by digging ten holes. David Swenson, long-time Ashtanga teacher and author of the Ashtanga Yoga Practice Manual, answered a question about eclectic More
The past few months have seen many milestones, comings and goings of yoga studios in Montreal. In December, Shanti Yoga celebrated its first anniversary. Set up by Cathy Cozens, the studio offers Anusara-inspired yoga in a bright, conveniently located on Montreal West's main commercial street, overlooking More
Thanks to the many people who have been asking after my health. It is great! Modern medical science has rescued me from a congenital heart valve defect that once would have spelled a very short life expectancy and sharply reduced vitality. Yoga made me strong and More
Erica, back home in Vancouver, sums up her experience in India Mom's Kitchen Vancouver, BC The last week in Delhi wasn't quite what I had expected yet exactly what I thought it was going to be: a mad dash to fill my suitcase-and the extra one I bought for More
The story about heart surgery continues, as complications occurred. They were overcome, however, and I'm still on the recovery road. Thanks to so many who sent their good wishes. June 3 Shortly after sending out lots of cheery emails and a blog entry saying my heart operation was More
My experience of heart surgery has been a profound wake-up call; and a reminder of the importance of love in the world. On the night before the operation, and the morning of the operation, I opened up to the intentions and good wishes being sent More